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health-analytics-solution REALIZING THE PROMISE OF BIG DATA

Only Deerwalk delivers a health analytics solution that enables you to capitalize on the potential of Big Data.

deerwalk-analytics-solutionANALYTICS AND REPORTING

Accuracy, speed and simplicity are the priorities for Deerwalk anlaytics and reporting solutions.



Deerwalk enables you to manage your population's health effectively and efficiently.

provider-comparisonPROVIDER COMPARISON

You can easily compare providers across networks and patient populations.


deerwalk-data-integrationSEAMLESS DATA INTEGRATION

At the heart of the DeerwalkOne Platform lies the ability to seamlessly integrate your data.

deerwalk-services 360-DEGREE VIEW OF THE MEMBER

All information is aggregated at the member level.



Health Plans

Health plans of all sizes leverage Deerwalk's complete population health management solution to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. With Deerwalk, consolidating all activities on a flexible and scalable platform speeds and simplifies the process of managing the population.
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Deerwalk provides brokers and consultants all the tools they need to optimize health and related costs for clients. Our analytics tools focus on speed, flexibility and accuracy, while our population health management solutions and robust cross-product program analysis functionality facilitate high-level reporting
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Deerwalk's suite of healthcare solutions helps employers manage employee benefits and care with unprecedented effectiveness. The DeerwalkOne Health Portal easily accepts patient-generated data, supports management of health incentive programs and provides personalized health action plans to keep employees focused
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Plan Analytics and Reporting

Deerwalk products offer innovative ways to analyze healthcare data, from both the clinical and financial perspective. Industry standard reports focus on utilization and cost for areas such as places of service, diagnoses, procedures, providers and drugs.
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Care Management

The DeerwalkOne Care Manager product was designed by a clinical team with real-life care management experience and built with ease-of-use in mind to minimize or eliminate workflow interruption.
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Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are an integral part of any modern healthcare management system. They enable organizations to consider self-reported member health information, in addition to claims data, when identifying risk and opportunities among the population.
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Our Products

Plan Analytics

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics is a software solution that provides integrated informatics and actionable healthcare data, presented in an easy-to-use application that requires no special training.
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Care Manager

DeerwalkOne Care Manager is an easy-to-use, customizable software platform designed especially for the clinicians and health care professionals who help your health plan members and their families.
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Health Portal

DeerwalkOne Analytics and Reporting and DeerwalkOne Care Manager both provide simple yet sophisticated ways of integrating and organizing health data.
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