Plan Analytics

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics is a software solution that provides integrated informatics and actionable healthcare data, presented in an easy-to-use application that requires no special training. By housing current and historical data, the Plan Analytics supports period-to-period comparisons and trending analysis.

Care Manager

DeerwalkOne Care Manager is an easy-to-use, customizable software platform designed especially for the clinicians and health care professionals who help your health plan members and their families. It powers care management activities focused on wellness, disease management, case management and utilization management all from a single platform.

Health Portal

DeerwalkOne Analytics and Reporting and DeerwalkOne Care Manager both provide simple yet sophisticated ways of integrating and organizing health data. As an extension of these products, the DeerwalkOne Health Portal packages the resulting individualized information, delivers it to members and supports them in taking action to meet their personal health goals.

Provider Analytics

DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics is a reporting and analytics tool focused on providing physicians and practice group administrators with a platform for viewing patient-focused quality measures, outcomes and utilization metrics. It facilitates data-driven decision making for healthcare providers with an easy-to-use platform capable of integrating a wide range of healthcare data types.

Data Integrator

DeerwalkOne Data Integrator is an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool for clients who would like Deerwalk to streamline and take ownership of the data scrubbing and production process. Data Integrator leverages Deerwalk's Big Data platform to scrub, integrate and compute complex analytics for clients.

Analytic Service

DeerwalkOne Analytic Service (DAS) is the REST-based API that provides access to the analytics and reporting for all DeerwalkOne products. It can be leveraged by healthcare IT firms and developers engaged in creating solutions that rely on healthcare data.