Rosina Shakya’s US Visit

Posted by on July 16, 2015

It is said, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” The first few days of my trip felt like I was in an alien world where there are good roads but small houses, lots of greenery but very few people to enjoy it, and lots of mailboxes but less conversation […]... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 4.2.0 Release

Posted by on June 26, 2015

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics

Rel Code and Rel Class-Multi Select

Previously when a user selected to filter data searches using Rel Class and/or Rel Code fields they were only able to select a single value to filter by at a time. With this release of Plan Analytics users now have the option to select multiple Rel Class and Rel Codes at once.

Load cohort page show full description on hovering

On Load Cohort page MB118 for the Name and Description, column if the text entered exceeds 40 characters it does not fully display in the grid column. The user can now hover the cursor over those columns and the full text will display to the user.... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 4.1.0 Release

Posted by on May 18, 2015

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics

Report Manager

With this 4.1 Plan Analytics release the Report manager look and functionality has changed. With the new functionality, the user can now save and create reports that are combinations of a package and a batch. Reports can be run with a single click from the redesigned Report Manager screen [RM100] now. In the Financial and Clinical Analytics modules the user can once again create a report without being redirected to the Report Manager module. In Report Manager users can now create, edit and delete reports, packages and batches from a single screen.

Per 1000 Formula Change

In order to have the “Per 1,000” annualized we needed to change our calculation formula. This logic has been updated in the Medical Healthcare Trends, Utilization Metrics, Chronic Condition [both Utilization & Prevalence] and Frequency of Selected Procedures reports in Plan Analytics. ... Read More

Jeevan Timilsina’s US Visit

Posted by on April 15, 2015

After some hectic times getting my visa processed, I finally got to breathe a sigh of relief when the application was accepted. My travel anxiety had started a couple of days before the trip. I had heard about the heavy snowfall and extreme cold in Boston, so I got my luggage packed with warm winter clothes.... Read More

Genetic Mutations

Posted by on April 08, 2015

We have seen that Deerwalk is full of superhero fans. Of course we’re excited about the upcoming release of “The Avengers 2”. My friends and I were discussing the possibility of becoming super humans. It’s funny, but they asked me if it’s possible “genetically” to transform from a normal human to a super human. Technically, anything is possible, but this one is unlikely. It got me thinking and I want to share this overview about genetic mutation.... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 4.0.0 Release

Posted by on April 03, 2015

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics

Comparison Tool

Prior to the 4.0 release a user would need to reset the entire Comparison query if he/she wanted to remove a population or report used in the comparison. With this release, the ability to delete a population or report from the comparison with the click of a button has been added. It will no longer be necessary for the user to reset the entire comparison each time they want to modify their query.

Sumit- New Claimant Field in Results

A new column has been added in the results pages for Sumit showing the number of unique claimants for the result. This will allow the user to see the claimant count without needing to click on a “View Members” option and counting the number of unique members listed. ... Read More


Posted by on March 13, 2015

The Deerwalk team is full of computer engineers and genomic scientists dedicated to solving human problems. Crazy things happen when our genomics and engineering teams meet. This month, we’re here to describe gene therapy and, naturally, we liken the human body to a computer to start our description.... Read More

Deerwalk Receives 2015 HEDIS® Certification

Posted by on February 27, 2015

Deerwalk, Inc., a healthcare analytics and custom software development company, announced today that it has once again achieved full certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for 2015 Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS). This is the second year Deerwalk applied for certification and achieved 100% pass for 72 of the 2015 measures. Last year, Deerwalk certified for 69 measures.... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 3.9.0 Release

Posted by on February 27, 2015

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the 3.9.0 release of DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics. This release includes the following key features:

Program Summary Refactor

In the Program Summary Report, on the Program Summary Detail CC302 page, IP Days Per 1000 and Average ER Risk Score from MARA were added. In addition, on the Program Summary CC301 page an All Program row has been added so the user can view the results for all groups as an aggregate.

Quality Metrics Report Customization

The Quality Metrics report (CA122) in Financial Analytics the metrics included in the report have been static and clients have expressed a desire to mix and match metrics versus using the standard Deerwalk set. In this product release the option of the user being able to select which metrics they would like to display in that report has been added. This can be done from the FA122 page using the “Change Metrics” button and also under the user’s profile settings in the application where there is a new Quality Metrics setting tab. ... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 3.8.0 Release

Posted by on February 06, 2015

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics

Participation Data Enhancements

A new tab has been added at the member level called “Participation”. It allows the user to view detailed information about programs a member has participated in. For our client who also use Care Manager the information is brought over to Plan Analytics automatically. Bringing this additional program participation information into Plan Analytics sets the foundation for increased program information analysis and reporting.

New Graphs

New graphs have been added in the Financial Analytics’ Health Plan Snapshot, Group Summary, Quality Metrics and Membership Distribution reports. ... Read More