Deerwalk Receives 2015 HEDIS® Certification

Posted by on February 27, 2015

Deerwalk, Inc., a healthcare analytics and custom software development company, announced today that it has once again achieved full certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for 2015 Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS). This is the second year Deerwalk applied for certification and achieved 100% pass for 72 of the 2015 measures. Last year, Deerwalk certified for 69 measures.... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 3.8.0 Release

Posted by on February 06, 2015

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics

Participation Data Enhancements

A new tab has been added at the member level called “Participation”. It allows the user to view detailed information about programs a member has participated in. For our client who also use Care Manager the information is brought over to Plan Analytics automatically. Bringing this additional program participation information into Plan Analytics sets the foundation for increased program information analysis and reporting.

New Graphs

New graphs have been added in the Financial Analytics’ Health Plan Snapshot, Group Summary, Quality Metrics and Membership Distribution reports. ... Read More

Genetic Counseling

Posted by on February 04, 2015

Genetic counseling is the process by which patients and relatives can learn about their predisposition to disorders that may be passed down from a prior generation. In counseling sessions, those who are at risk of an inherited disorder are advised of the consequences and nature of the disorder, the probability of developing or transmitting it, and the options open to them to better manage their health. It is the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease.... Read More

Sweta Karna’s US Visit

Posted by on January 28, 2015

Travel preparation for the US started with a discussion about the weather in Boston, which is freezing cold in winter. As we discussed the weather, it seemed to me like it was going to be a dull time of year because of the cold. Fortunately, I traveled during festive Christmas and New Year season. I was excited to celebrate the New Year in Boston and a little nervous because I had to leave my 2 year old son for a month. ... Read More

Big Data Genomics

Posted by on January 09, 2015

Genetic diseases are caused by faulty DNA (i.e. mutations). They can be single or multigene disorders. At present, over 4000 single gene disorders are known. Gene’s role is being deciphered to more and more diseases. Some of the well-known genetic diseases are diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. According to American Cancer Society, in the US alone, a total of 1,658,370 new cancer cases and 589,430 deaths from cancer (a multifactorial disease including genetic component) are projected to occur in 2015. ... Read More

Professional Communication Club (PCC) Report 2014

Posted by on January 06, 2015

Professional Communication Club (PCC) continued its endeavors to improve the general usage of spoken English through Deertalk sessions in 2014. In total 5 batches were completed with each batch put through 4 sessions: Topic based Speech, Debate, Extempore and Presentation. ... Read More

Deertalk Best of the Best 2014

Posted by on January 05, 2015

Deertalk Best of the Best 2014 was held on Jan 5, 2014 and the participants comprised of the best speakers from the last five Deertalk seasons of the year 2014: Abhinav Regmi, Abhinayak Swar, Bibek Lal Shrestha, Ganesh Regmi, Neelam Shrestha, Resha Sedhai and Sunita Singh. The contestants were asked to present on a topic of their choice with a five minutes allocated time.... Read More

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 3.7.0 Release

Posted by on January 02, 2015

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics
In Plan Analytics 3.7.0 new Search functionality has been added allowing users to pull data by utilization parameters for visits and admissions.

Cohort Filter

The ability to filter saved cohorts by "Creation Date", "Name", "Description", "Modified Date", and "Created By" has been added so in situations where there are many saved cohorts the user can easily search for the one they are interested in using. The ability for a user to sort by clicking on a column header has also been added to the saved cohort list.... Read More

Mentors Club (MC) Report 2014

Posted by on January 02, 2015

Mentors Club (MC) was divided into two teams for the year 2014 to better meet the objectives of selecting best candidates and providing valuable training to employees. The first team, led by Sumira and assisted by Ranjan, shortlisted applications, conducted tests and coordinated interviews for interns and trainees. The second team, led by Suvash and assisted by Abhinav, coordinated various training for Deerwalk employees. ... Read More

Corporate Activity Club (CAC) Report 2014

Posted by on January 01, 2015

The executive committee for the Corporate Activity Club (CAC) for the year 2014 was formed in the first week of January 2014. The goals of the club are to organize recreational activities and other interesting events for the employees of Deerwalk as a departure from the monotony of everyday routine. It also helps foster a sense of intimacy and camaraderie across cross-functional teams. CAC is proud to have successfully completed a number of events in the year 2014.... Read More