Deerwalk provides brokers and consultants all the tools they need to optimize health and related costs for clients. Our analytics tools focus on speed, flexibility and accuracy, while our population health management solutions and robust cross-product program analysis functionality facilitate high-level reporting and true outcome management. Deerwalk's unique technological architecture allows users to create a list or population dynamically and generate reports based on it instantaneously. Combined with Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters (MARA), the platform provides unmatched risk prediction and management capabilities. Plus, the Deerwalk platform provides reporting flexibility. Brokers and consultants can create a custom report package for any client and designate the time at which each report is created.

Offerings for Brokers/Consultants

Population Health Management

  • Risk prediction for individuals and groups
  • Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)
  • Care gap alerts

Program Analysis

  • Identification of program participation
  • Calculation of ROI on program for plan sponsors
  • Comparison of program effectiveness

Plan Analytics

  • Cost and utilization metrics
  • Cost transparency of services
  • Quality of care reporting
  • Risk prediction for individuals and groups
  • Episode grouping

Recommended Products

Plan Analytics

DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics is a software solution that provides integrated informatics and actionable healthcare data, presented in an easy-to-use application that requires no special training.
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Care Manager

DeerwalkOne Care Manager is an easy-to-use, customizable software platform designed especially for the clinicians and health care professionals who help your health plan members and their families.
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Health Portal

DeerwalkOne Analytics and Reporting and DeerwalkOne Care Manager both provide simple yet sophisticated ways of integrating and organizing health data.
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