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Data Conversion Services

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Deerwalk has extensive experience in handling data of all types for customers across many different industries. You can leverage Deerwalk's experience and our global services team to convert data you receive from a partner, vendor, or legacy applications into any format that you require. We have a very mature process for handling data conversions, be it a one-time conversion, or ongoing processes that need to be automated and maintained.

Deerwalk’s data conversion workflow has the following components.

FTP Site
ArrowFTP Site:
Client sends data to our Secured FTP site, or allows us to fetch data from their FTP site.
File Server
ArrowFile Server:
We move the client data, which may include hundreds of text, dbf, XLS, CSV or MDB files, to our file server (behind the corporate fire wall).
Database Server
ArrowDatabase Server:
Using customized import scripts, Deerwalk imports client raw files to our Database server.
Data Standardization Document
ArrowData Standardization Document:
We analyze imported data, and then document all client data field level business rules in a Data Standardization Document.
Next we transform the target database to the client FTP site.
Validation and QC
ArrowValidation and QC:
Deerwalk then validates the data in the target database, running extensive data quality queries, and generates a data quality report card.
Data Conversion Engine
ArrowData Conversion Engine:
Using a Data Standardization Document, we write the data conversion script, which upon execution, creates data tables that meet the clients specifications. Deerwalk then moves those tables to the target database.
Client Feedback and signoff
ArrowClient Feedback and signoff:
We share a completed Data Standardization Document with clients and provide an opportunity for them to review, react and signoff. In most cases, we have very few comments from the client as we do an excellent job extracting business rules from the raw data.

Implementation times vary from project to project but Deerwalk's experience guarantees the fastest possible implementation at the lowest cost. The driving rules during this data transformation cycle are:

1. Never change the client data, and never surprise them.
2. Perform extensive QC at every phase.
3. Document the exception list at every step, and share with the client.

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