Our Story

Deerwalk is the Only One

One Platform

Deerwalk empowers you with the population health management and healthcare analytics and reporting solutions you need. When it comes to health analytics, what do you need?

  • Do you need to manage population health and healthcare costs more effectively?
  • Could you use a way to empower care managers with meaningful information at their fingertips so they can better help health plan members?
  • Are you looking for a simple way to integrate, store and manage employee data?
  • Do you want to help employees take control of their health? And do you need an easy way to manage the incentives that inspire them to do so?
  • What else do you need today? What about tomorrow?

For the first time, one platform handles it all. The Deerwalk platform addresses each of the needs above-or all of them, together. DeerwalkOne is a fully integrated, forward-thinking health analytics product suite. Use the DeerwalkOne products and solutions you need today, and know that your analytics platform will meet your needs of tomorrow. It’s ready when you are. No costly configuration required. One platform is all it takes.

Technological Advantage

Deerwalk delivers for the present, with the future in mind. In healthcare, things change all the time. Deerwalk provides innovative, scalable solutions using superior technologies and infrastructure. Ongoing investment in research and dedication to continuous improvement means Deerwalk’s capabilities lead the health analytics industry. With Deerwalk, your custom solution is built to excel in the present, but with the future firmly in mind, so that as the healthcare landscape changes, you can change alongside of it.

Creating a new experience

One company has created something different

Deerwalk provides seamless data integration

Health plan members generate data in many ways as they experience healthcare. Much of it is useful if it can be organized. Deerwalk integrates more kinds of data for a complete picture of issues that matter. Information like biometric screening lab results and health risk assessment responses is analyzed together with medical and pharmacy claims data to empower the clinicians and care managers who help health plan members.

With Deerwalk, each user is in control

As a DeerwalkOne user, reports are available based on any parameters you desire. You create them. Instantly. Any time you want. And time period constraints no longer exist, so historical data can reveal meaningful trends.

Your experience is yours alone

It’s one platform, customized for you. You experience what you need. And when you need a new feature, with Deerwalk, there’s no long wait.

Only one company provides an integrated suite of health analytics solutions on a single platform.
Only one puts Big Data to work for you.
Only one transforms the experience.
Only one. Deerwalk.