DeerwalkOne Analytic Service

What is DeerwalkOne Analytic Service?

DeerwalkOne Analytic Service (DAS) is the REST-based API that provides access to the analytics and reporting for all DeerwalkOne products. It can be leveraged by healthcare IT firms and developers engaged in creating solutions that rely on healthcare data. With a little programming knowledge, IT clients can use the scalable solution provided by DAS to write their own custom analytical reports using healthcare data. DAS provides a JSON-based interface that is makes it simple for developers to create complex queries from and work with an easy-to-read response. Online documentation is available as well as development support plans to assist customers in bringing their own applications to market. Monthly feature releases keep the API evolving with the platform and bring additional capabilities and improvements to end users of both the DeerwalkOne production suite and third-party developers using DAS.



Permissions can be complex and allow for many variations to suit customer needs. DAS checks for user authorization of all queries before fetching records. Before passing the response, it checks the user’s right to view of each field in each record.


DAS leverages a virtualized distributed search engine cluster for retrieving data. The cluster easily accommodates client data of any size. Even for a data set with millions of members, it takes only a few seconds to complete complex searches and aggregations.


DAS is backed up with Deerwalk’s search engine cluster and is hosted in the Amazon EC2 cloud, so the underlying platform can scale horizontally with zero downtime and minimal additional investment.


DAS has been configured with a fully backed up SQL database for configuration and fully backed up secondary search engine cluster. In the unlikely case of failure, the production cluster can be switched to a secondary cluster with little or no downtime.


DAS uses the same product authentication as other DeerwalkOne products. Users of other products gain access to DAS through single sign-on functionality eliminating the need for additional credentials or passwords.

Who uses it?


Healthcare IT customers use DAS to build their own analytics-backed solutions on top of the data and infrastructure that DeerwalkOne relies upon. DAS provides a proven infrastructure upon which they can build solutions that rely on all types of healthcare data. They can leverage the API to search quickly across massive amounts of raw data and generate reports from complex sets of parameters and cohorts.

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