DeerwalkOne Health Portal

What is DeerwalkOne Health Portal?

DeerwalkOne Analytics and Reporting and DeerwalkOne Care Manager both provide simple yet sophisticated ways of integrating and organizing health data. As an extension of these products, the DeerwalkOne Health Portal packages the resulting individualized information, delivers it to members and supports them in taking action to meet their personal health goals. Services delivered through the portal include personalized notifications of gaps in care, Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), health and wellness incentive management and the ability to create a personal action plan. The innovative member portal provides many support features that make it simple for employees to manage their health proactively at any stage in their health care journey.


  • True Big Data technology for flexibility and scalability
  • User-friendly interface for ease of implementation
  • Integration with existing Web client portals with private labeling available
  • Full integration with other DeerwalkOne products

Who uses it?


Health plan members stay informed using the DeerwalkOne Health Portal. The portal supports members by providing personalized information to them, including care alerts, which notify them of any gaps in care. It allows them to complete an HRA and makes it easy to track progress against health and wellness goals established by the employer’s incentive program. It provides links to many health resources and helpful tools such as BMI, heart attack risk and stress management calculators, and enables members to create personal health action plans. The portal provides information about their unique needs and keeps them motivated about reaching their health goals.


Employers love the DeerwalkOne Health Portal because it provides a simple way of offering wellness incentives to inspire members to achieve better health. Tracking progress and distributing rewards based on an employer-sponsored health and wellness program is automated and easier then ever.


Disease managers, care managers, and health coaches who deliver condition management programs use the DeerwalkOne Health Portal as a way of connecting with the health plan members they serve. The portal provides another way to communicate with members to engage and motivate them. A care manager can advise the member of steps to take based recommended care guidelines and the member’s personal action plans.


Health plan advisors such as insurance brokers and plan consultants love the DeerwalkOne Health Portal too. It allows them to recommend a low cost member health portal that delivers a health risk assessment, personalized health content, tools and trackers.

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