DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics

What is DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics?

DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics is a reporting and analytics tool focused on providing physicians and practice group administrators with a platform for viewing patient-focused quality measures, outcomes and utilization metrics. It facilitates data-driven decision making for healthcare providers with an easy-to-use platform capable of integrating a wide range of healthcare data types.


  • Built using highly flexible and scalable Big Data technology
  • Cloud-based platform for ease of accessibility and low cost of ownership
  • Opportunity and risk identification through Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters (MARA)
  • Real-time cohort creation and comparison
  • Allows providers to monitor their progress with performance and quality metrics

Who uses it?


Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Physician Groups, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain use DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics to optimize care. It allows them to manage population health and measure physician performance, all from a single platform.


Medical Management Companies use DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics to generate a 360-degree view of patients, their clinical risk indicators and care gap alerts in order to identify opportunities for interventions.


Practice Group Administrators and Primary Care Providers use DeerwalkOne Provider Analytics to help patients manage their health by leveraging its ability to collect healthcare data from disparate sources into a single platform. Reports and summaries that are generated in minutes or seconds rather than hours allow for real time interventions.

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