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Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2010, Deerwalk is a revolutionary Population Health Management, Data Management, and Healthcare Analytics software company. Deerwalk is a privately-held company based in Lexington, MA, with over 300 employees worldwide, including a technology campus in Kathmandu, Nepal. Deerwalk was created by former executives of several well-known healthcare analytics companies, including D2Hawkeye, Kanawha Health Solutions and TC3 Health. Deerwalk's senior executive team has more than a century of combined healthcare IT and analytics experience at the C-Suite level of healthcare businesses. We not only bring great products and services to our clients, but some of the brightest healthcare analytics subject matter expertise in the industry. Deerwalk’s understanding and experience in the healthcare analytics space is unparalleled, offering Big Data and NoSQL products and services to Third Party Administrators, Brokers & Consultants, Employers & Providers, Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Care Management & Wellness firms.

The Deerwalk healthcare analytics platform provides clients and stakeholders with meaningful insights to better manage and analyze the cost, care quality, and risk of populations by:

  • Gaining complete visibility into the health and total cost of care of the population
  • Identifying high-quality, low-cost providers with the best outcomes
  • Risk stratification and adjustment for cost-driver identification and normalized comparisons
  • Tracking chronic conditions and their impact on population health
  • Identifying gaps in care and risk triggers through quality measures
  • Identifying wasteful, unnecessary medical utilization
  • Identifying actionable insights and savings recommendations through prescriptive analytics
  • Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of medical management, wellness initiatives and onsite clinics
  • Benchmarking cost and utilization to Deerwalk national, regional and industry specific data sets
  • Tracking and monitoring utilization and effectiveness of payer and provider networks
  • Identifying compliance to preventative care, screenings, immunizations
  • Comparing plan allowed amounts to Medicare equivalencies

Our Values



We honor the commitments we make to each other and to our clients.
We earn trust by respecting each other and doing what we say we’re going to do. Others can depend on us because they know that if we make a commitment, we’ll follow through no matter the cost. A deal is a deal.


We are dedicated to each other and to our clients.
Over time, we develop strong ties by giving respect and earning trust. When we’re all rowing in the same direction, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. We’re inspired by the smartest person in the room with the smallest ego and are careful not to let our desire for individual success overtake our team focus.


We practice the golden rule.
We operate from a basis of mutual respect, which is key to building trusting relationships. Whether interacting with our clients or our team members, we strive to foster a culture where everyone is heard and appreciated. We try to always remember to put ourselves in others’ shoes.
Only one company provides an integrated suite of health analytics solutions on a single platform.
Only one puts Big Data to work for you.
Only one transforms the experience.
Only one. Deerwalk.