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Deerwalk Data Factory


What is Deerwalk Data Factory?

The Deerwalk Data Factory is an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool for clients who would like Deerwalk to streamline and take ownership of the data acquisition and data scrubbing and production process. The Data Factory leverages Deerwalk's Big Data platform to scrub, integrate and compute complex analytics for clients. The Data Factory can scrub and integrate data types such as Electronics Health Records (EHR), payor data (e.g. medical and Rx claims), lab, disability, stop loss, etc. Traditional analytics suffer from poor results due to the quality of incoming data. Current solutions often rely on the client’s staff to provide clean data. Deerwalk provides a high quality data solution for all of its products, and now also provides data preparation of health care data for third-party analytics applications. Considering the complexity of data cleansing and conversion processes, we have designed the Deerwalk Data Factory to be as flexible as possible while ensuring robust quality control in every step.



  • True Big Data technology for flexibility and scalability
  • Cloud-based application and storage for ease of accessibility, implementation and low cost of ownership
  • Flexible report design and generation, including an ability to schedule the production and delivery
  • Opportunity and risk identification
  • Full integration with other Deerwalk applications

Additional Data Enrichment

  • Quality gaps and risk triggers at the group and member levels
  • Concurrent and prospective risk scores at the group and member levels
  • Benchmark data at different levels of aggregation

Advanced Data Enrichment

  • ER Visits
  • Office Visits
    • Routine Office Visits
    • Preventive Office Visits
    • Mental Health Office Visits
    • Other Office Visits
  • Physical Therapy
  • MRI /CT Scans
  • Generic vs. Brand Utilization Rate
  • Mail Order Rate
  • Newborn Deliveries
    • Vaginal Deliveries
    • C-Section Deliveries
  • Admissions (supports 5 different ways of identifying an admission, based on data vendor)
    • Medical
    • Surgical
    • Maternity
    • Mental Health or Substance Abuse
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