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Deerwalk Template Manager


What is Template Manager?

The Template Manager is a reporting module that resides within Plan Analytics. It allows users to upload Excel workbooks to Plan Analytics and give it instructions on where to populate certain data elements in order to drive graphs/reports/etc. through Excel while leveraging all the data enhancements, security, speed and clinical knowledge of the Deerwalk analytics platform. With Template Manager, Deerwalk allows its clients to avoid the costly custom projects and needlessly long delivery delays of other vendors by putting the power of custom report generation in the hands of our users.

What can I do with it?

  •  Template Manager is an extremely powerful tool with a wide range of uses including: 
    • Automation: Senior Analysts can create a suite of reports in Template Manager and then run them for 25, 50 or even hundreds of groups with just a handful of clicks. 
    • Quality Control: Less manual work allows for fewer errors. Hundreds of manual database queries iterated across clients are replaced with the power, precision and speed of 21st century cloud computing. 
    • Visual Presentation: Because Template Manager in effect makes Excel an extension of Plan Analytics, users can leverage the visualizations, graphs and charts of Excel and assume total control over the look-and-feel of their reports, without sacrificing speed or efficiency and without incurring additional costs. 
    • Ad Hoc Metrics: Template Manager allows user to leverage Excel for the automated calculation of new metrics, trends, tables and reports based on raw data elements and data providers available in Plan Analytics. 

Who uses it?

Template Manager

does not require any programming experience to operate. It puts users in control of an interface (UI) that allows them to completely customize the data mapping process. Off-line work in Excel leverages existing Excel know-how and can be supplemented by Deerwalk experts.

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