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Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are an integral part of any modern healthcare management system. They enable organizations to consider self-reported member health information, in addition to claims data, when identifying risk and opportunities among the population. In addition, HRA records are essential for evaluating the effectiveness health programs. With Deerwalk, HRA forms are available in practical, structured and intuitive user interfaces in both the Deerwalk Care Manager and Health Portal products. Members self-assess their health by providing responses on an HRA form using the Health Portal. Responses are then available in Deerwalk Care Manager for clinical staff to verify or modify, and in Deerwalk Plan Analytics and Reporting for analysis based on HRA fields. Deerwalk provides a range of assessment forms and our robust architecture fully supports client specific-changes and customization. Deerwalk will integrate a third party’s HRA if the client prefers, and will import third party HRA data to the platform.