Medical Episode Grouper

Medical Episode Grouper (MEG) can be used within Plan Analytics to analyze condition prevalence, cost, and utilization patterns across a population by grouping all of the care for a single medical condition for one patient. Plan Analytics users are able to evaluate specific healthcare events that have been categorized into segments based on geography, demographics, and other patient elements within a population. Episodes are created to assess and differentiate healthcare services provided by professional, facility, both inpatient and outpatient, in addition to prescription drugs. Not only can MEG's define and identify conditions in a population, it can also provide insight on the severity. Episodes are assigned a stage representing the highest level of severity recorded for the disease during that particular episode of care. The expected cost or utilization is adjusted based on the type and severity of episodes being compared. MEG offers an additional adjustment option that not only considers the severity or stage of the episodes being measured, but also the overall illness burden for the patient.