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Provider Quality Ratings

The move to value-based care and widespread variability in care means quality measurements now play an integral role in strategic healthcare planning. Industry stakeholders need reliable provider quality information to guide decisions around new payment and delivery models, plan performance and tiering, network management, provider reimbursement, risk management, and contract negotiation. The Provider Quality Rating* module (powered by Quantros) is integrated directly within the Deerwalk Plan Analytics platform and enables clients to distinguish high-value providers from low performers for inpatient care in a specific market, region, or treatment area. Clients can search, filter, and view overall quality scores along with quality ratings across six distinct quality categories (Patient satisfaction | Patient safety | Inpatient quality | Mortality rates | Complication rates | Readmission rates) and more than 30 clinical categories. From advising members on where to go for services to evaluating providers and understanding the outcomes of where members receive care, quality information is essential for successful, proactive management of the healthcare of a population.