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Peak Performing Health Analytics Solutions

Built on a Foundation of Data Integrity

The Deerwalk Difference
We're on a Mission...

To empower our clients with tools that enlighten healthcare decision-making through data interoperability. Our aim is to improve the quality of care and reduce costs by creating a healthcare world that supports the free flow of protected information without data silos.

Ease of Use

Easily bundle and schedule reports from a vast library of financial, clinical reports and executive style dashboards.

Ease of Use
Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights

System generated insights highlighting areas of overspending and potential savings, including Medicare pricing comparisons, unnecessary ER visits and admits, generic vs brand name drugs, and place of service savings opportunities.

Predictive Risk Profiles

Stratify the concurrent and prospective risk of your population, at the group and member level, using medical and prescription drug claim history.

Predictive Risk Profiles
Complete Population Health Management Suite
Complete Population Health Management Suite
  • Executive Analytics - client facing, executive level dashboards and report library
  • Plan Analytics - group and member level clinical and financial informatics with deep drill down
  • Care Manager - customizable software for administration of CM, DM, UM and Wellness programs
  • Health Portal - delivers individualized data to members care alerts and personal health goals
Ultimate Flexibility

A platform with multiple data delivery methods, including:

  • Plan Analytics and Executive Analytics Web UI
  • Deerwalk Analytic Service - Web services/API
  • Extracts to existing warehouse
  • Extracts to a Deerwalk managed Amazon Redshift Cloud-based data warehouse
  • Integration with 3rd party visualization tools, like Amazon QuickSight, Tableau and Qlik
  • Create custom reports with Deerwalk's Template Manager
Deerwalk Data Factory

Secure, flexible, scalable platform for the automated collection, enrichment and management of healthcare data, including:

  • Monthly, weekly or daily file intake
  • 35+ data types, including medical, Rx, lab, biometric, wellness, onsite clinic EMR, and more
  • 1,000+ data cleansing and quality control rules
  • 5,000+ data enrichment rules
  • Currently process over 1.5 million files per month