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Deerwalk Care Manager


What is Deerwalk Care Manager?

Deerwalk Care Manager is an easy-to-use, customizable software platform designed especially for the clinicians and health care professionals who help your health plan members and their families. It powers care management activities focused on wellness, disease management, case management and utilization management all from a single platform. Deerwalk’s flexible architecture supports information exchange and integration with third parties, making it easy to leverage medical and pharmacy claims data, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) information, electronic health records/electronic medical records and predictive modeling products.


  • Integration with Plan Analytics, Health Portal and Incentive Manager
  • Dashboards that provide instant, actionable information
  • 360 member summary view
  • Demographics screens for quick access to member information
  • Care Plan screens that can be customized for specific use cases
  • Care Alerts module allows users to quickly identify gaps in care
  • Savings screens to track and document ROI
  • Flexible notes functionality - both embedded and stand-alone notes
  • Utilization management forms for both authorization and decisions
  • Comprehensive report library
  • Easy integration of all data types - EMR, medical, eligibility, lab, biometric, HRA

Who uses it?

Disease managers,

care managers, and health coaches use Deerwalk Care Manager. It serves as a single system that enables utilization management, disease management and a variety of health coaching services to help manage health conditions within a given population. Nurses and others who manage clinical interventions love Deerwalk Care Manager because it provides detailed information at the health plan member level – from risk scores to gaps in care – at their fingertips. They can quickly locate all they need to know in a member’s snapshot. The platform can be customized to fit each care manager’s unique needs, with the individualized dashboard serving as a task manager so users can focus on delivering care.

Worksite clinic staff

use Deerwalk Care Manager to document examinations, educational activities and biometric data gathered during clinic visits. Care Manager enables the monitoring of employees’ progress toward health goals and reporting of actionable outcomes. With Deerwalk Care Manager, employers can focus wellness initiatives on the areas of greatest risk to employees’ health.

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